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See our funding solutions and how they benefit your company.

We structure all finance solutions inline with your funding requirementsso you can focus on growing your business.
Funding solutions


Alternative forms of financing are currently entering the market. Although the word 'alternative' literally means that something is different, these finance solutions have been around for years.

Is your company a start-up or a international corporate and need funding for your business or project? Alternative forms of funding are often a better finance solution than bank loans.


We work with over 70 alternative funding partners, regional investment funds and the European Investment Bank so you can benefit from the best funding solutions in the market, that we taylor specifically to your needs.

No matter if you require working capital finance, trade or commercial finance, leases or credit insurance. Perhaps you are expanding your business across Europe, through dealers/vendors and need stock/demo finance, vendor or customer finance.


We also offer highly complex structured cross border lease solutions and structured finance, M&A activities and securitisation solutions. We will structure the best solution, saving you time and money. So call us.

Below a short list with better corporate- and equipment finance solutions then your typical loan or overdraft facility...

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Equity Finance, Venture Capital and Angel Capital

"Do you want to grow your company faster? For a startup the first few thousand euros are usually still sourced by the owner, friends, family or overdraft on a corporate bank account or credit card facility. Do you need more than this first base? Then an alternative financing form is a requirement. Risk-free start-up loans from venture capital or other unknown investors (crowdfunding) are then popular solutions. Selling stock can sometimes be a way to get money. In this way, you sell future earnings to meet the current financing question. Both venture capital and angel Capital are forms of Equity Finance."

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